Getting Here

We are located at 22 Ferrane Couchia, Cherablyene, Fez Medina 30000.

GPS Coordinates: 34.064834, -4.979168


Fez is well connected to many major European hubs as well as domestic flights. We recommend Skycanner as a great tool for finding your perfect flight.

Direct flights to Fez from the UK are as little as £80 or €60 from mainland Europe when booked in advance and include a range of airlines such as Ryanair, Air Arabia and TAP.

Once you have your flight details and have booked a room, give me your flight details and I’ll have a driver pick you up at the airport. The journey is about 25 minutes and costs 200DH.


Petit taxis in Fez are red, and easy to find, just be sure that the metre is running! The Petit taxi is licensed to carry only up to three passengers.

A journey from the railway station during the day should cost no more than 15DH.

Please be cautious of the touts who ride the train, usually getting on at Meknes or Casa, and who may approach and try and befriend you. Their ultimate aim is to arrange a tour guide for the next day and end up in his ‘uncle’s’ carpet shop.

They may tell you they are from Tourist Bureau, or know me and have helped renovate my house.

An easy way to get them to leave is to politely tell them that you already paid for a guide – whether that is true or not.

Look out for the Meknes stations and expect to arrive in Fez about 45 mins later. As you approach Fez you will see, on the left of the train, Mount Zalagh with telephone aerial on top.

From the train station, ask the taxi driver to take you to upper Ain Azliten car park in the Old Medina (Ancient Medina). Derb El Miter is the known area within the car park.

If you wish your train to be met, we will arrange the transfer for a cost of 80DH for up to 6 persons. All transfers after midnight and before 6am may incur an extra 50DH charge.